Coffee Mug Cozy and Mug Rug

Here’s a quick and easy coffee cup cozy made from this pattern from Life Made Creations. Click on the picture below for a link to the tutorial.


For the mug rug I just crocheted a swatch as big as I wanted it and added a simple single crochet border.

My husband was a big fan of this project and now he wants me to make one for his favorite coffee cup. Stay tuned!

Summer Wreath

summer wreath

This project was inspired by many pins. Check out my Pinterest Craft Board.

Yarn Wreaths

How To Make a Yarn Wreath For All Seasons

Summer Wreath by Wonderfully Made by Leslie

Yarn Wreath Tutorial by Made on Maple

Fabric Flowers

Click on the pictures for a link to the tutorials.

Fabric flower by V and Co.

Fabric flower by Herzenssachen (use Google translate to view in English)

four organza flowers
Fabric flower by Little Birdie Secrets

3 Tips for Attending Your First Craft Show

I recently entered my first craft show with some crocheted and quilted accessories and home decor items. It was exhausting and a bit stressful, but worth it just to have the experience. I did make enough sales to cover materials and entry fee, too. Bonus!

Some of what I learned:

  • Know the average age of attendees ~ I thought my products were pretty universal age-wise, but maybe crocheted items in general are not. Many of the older visitors to my booth said they “crocheted too” and were just looking for ideas. Also, handwarmers are not a trendy item for all generations.
  • Don’t worry about having enough stuff ~ You can take orders. Save some samples or have a portfolio of your work for ideas. I ended up taking some orders, so this was helpful.
  • Choose your timing wisely ~ My show was just a little early in the fall for people to be buying for Christmas yet. Good to know!

Here are some items I had at the show. If you’re interested in ordering things for Christmas, be sure to order soon! Click here to place an order.

Small Bag

Caddies and Wallhangings

I recently finished a few sewing projects and wanted to share them with you before I completely forgot.


This first project was one that I’ve been wanting to work on for a long time now. I’m so very excited that it’s completed! I was in need of a sewing caddy but had very specific requirements so I decided to design my own.  It turned out great and everything is right where I need it and can find it. I love it!  On the top right is a coaster for my tea cup. I never had a good place for it before, but now it has a safe home.  There’s sand in the top to keep it in place.  I didn’t want it hanging in front of my machine like many of them do.


This next project goes with a gift I made for my sister. It’s a recipe card caddy. If you remember, the I made her the turquoise one for Christmas.  She asked for another one for her birthday, it’s the pink and brown one.


This last project was a birthday present for my mom. There’s not much to say about it really. I kind of made it up as I went along and had a lot of fun making it.  There’s a close up of the hummingbird. I did reverse applique on the letters.